Renting Porsche Cayenne in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City happens to be a perfect gateway for travel enthusiasts, who want to go for longer road trips. It boasts of historic sites and historic architecture. Moreover, people love this place owing to the nightlife scene, restaurants, and bustling shopping. If you want to know about luxury cars to take a tour around Salt Lake City, Porsche Cayenne is a great choice.

It contributes to being a dynamic performer during the luxury midsize SUV class. It stands out of the ordinary in providing a plethora of features and a top-notch cabin. It happens to be an excellent performer within the segment, along with muscular engines and thrilling handling. Within it, it comes with a plethora of features. It comes with two different body types which are the SUV along with dramatically sloped roofline and regular SUV. This driver-friendly SUV comes with reduced weight and new chassis tech which offers excellent performance and feel.


8-speed automatic along with manual shifting mode

434 hp @ 6600 rpm

Intercooled DOHC and twin-turbocharged 24-valve V6

355 Horsepower turbo V6

About the Car

This sports car comes with a sleek headlight, steeply raked fairly windscreen, flowing bonnet. At its back part, you will find the small roof spoiler present on the wide rear haunches. It is known to be accentuated through the rear light bar, which will run the car’s width.


You are sure to be mesmerized by the sporty theme, inside the car. It features a low-slung driving position. Its steering wheel happens to be perfectly sporty. A large centre console is present which is capable of dividing the front passengers. It comes with an excellent look and feel. Other exclusive features of this vehicle include well-damped switches, dash materials, door handles, wheel paddles, to name a few.

Cayenne’s infotainment

The vehicle’s Cayenne’s infotainment offers a wow factor which makes it the number one choice of the potential audience. You will find a wide widescreen touch screen of 12.3inches which is nestled in the central part of the dashboard. It stands second to none in providing brilliant touch response time and razor-sharp graphics. Moreover, few screens are present behind the model’s steering wheel.


This model comes with a 3.0L and 2.9L petrol engine. The 3.0 V6 is combined with the electric motor. It does not include any diesel option. If you are fond of driving, you will notice that the V8 turbo model is extremely faster. The 640hp Turbo GT model happens to be quicker. It is capable of covering the distance at the optimum speed of 0-62mph in about 3.3 seconds.

The best thing about this model is that it is capable of handling more sharply than other SUVs. It offers very heavy steering. However, it is known to have a well-connected feeling for SUVs of larger size. It includes better body control and good grip, which indicates that you will be capable of covering the ground in no time. It happens to be a fast, spacious, well-built car that allows you to drive larger cars.

Safety features

The exclusive features of this car are InnoDrive, Pedestrian Protection, and Night Vision Assist. InnoDrive helps the driver to navigate unfamiliar roads through the use of the road sign, topography, GPS-based navigation, speed limit information. Pedestrian Protection is beneficial in the detection of pedestrians, thereby applying the brakes automatically for the prevention of the collision. The Night Vision Assist is another exclusive feature of this model which is useful to the drivers in navigating the darker roads through the thermal imaging camera.

Passenger Space

The model’s cabin has enough space to provide more comfort. It is an ideal choice even for people with more height. The front seats of the model come with the 8-way electric adjustment which is useful in finding the right driving position. You will find 18 unique means of adjustment. So, you will have the opportunity to practice certain yoga positions during the move. Owing to this, you do not need to pay any extra amount for the adjustable lumbar support. Hence, it helps in decreasing the backache during longer journeys.

The model’s back seats come with a lot of padding and supportive shape. Hence, the passengers will not have anything for complaining about. Moreover, you will find enough leg and headroom which provides the optimum choice to accommodate passengers of 6-ft height. They will be capable of reclining the seats in a slight way, though they will fancy the dozing off.

This model’s cabin is sufficiently wide to accommodate three adults. Besides this, you will find sufficient space beneath the front seats for the feet of everyone during the lowest settings as well. Its mid sit happens to be a smidge harder and a little higher than the outer two. The back doors of the vehicle are not found to be open wide particularly. However, there is sufficient space for lifting in the heavy child seat. The seat will lock within the place without any challenges.

Connectivity and infotainment

The vehicle’s infotainment system makes use of the standard touch screen of 12.3inches, which is known to be mounted into the dashboard mid part. The slick interface comes with a configurable home menu and different personalized settings. Though the system is easy to operate and responsive during the testing, the attracted smudge. You will find a rotary controller which plays an integral role in decreasing distractions during driving. This model also comes with Android Auto, wireless Apple CarPlay, WiFi hotspot, to name a few. Apart from this, you will find the upgraded audio systems set which is inclusive of the 14-speaker Bose Unit. The car’s rear-seat entertainment system helps in attaching the dual 10.0 inches displays to the front-seat headrests’ back part.

Why do users like it?

Well-appointed and excellent interior

Volcanic straight-line performance

Outstanding ride quality


Mute V8 soundtrack

This model has become the number one choice of travellers to move around the city owing to its optimum comfort, reliability, performance, safety, to name a few.