Rent a Ferrari California T convertible for a day or 3 Hrs in Salt Lake City, Utah


Ferrari has earned a high reputation to create supercars. They boast of unique automobiles’ architectural layout. California T convertible happens to be one of the leading engineering innovations of Ferrari, which ensures a smooth and gentle run on the roads. The latest iteration’s exterior part removes the clumsiness which used to be present during the previous versions. People prefer this car over other sports cars to enjoy their vacation as it offers optimum comfort.

Surrounded by mountains, Salt Lake City happens to be a laid-back and friendly city that provides access to an outdoor and urban adventure. This city boasts of unusual and interesting past along with a bright future. Your vacation plans in and around Salt Lake City will be an utter success as you rent a Ferrari California T convertible.


Fuel Type – Petrol

Seating Capacity – 2

City Mileage -6.0 kmpl

Top Speed (Kmph) 312.2km/hr

Engine Type 90 V8

Fuel tank Capacity – 70.0

Attributes of Ferrari California T Convertible

Ferrari California T convertible happens to be a luxurious and better-looking car than the past models. It is equipped with the folding hardtop convertible feature which makes it more futuristic. The HS package or Handling Special is regarded as a special attribute of this model which offers stiffer springs. It helps in decreasing the body roll, rear air extractor, front grille, and faster steering response. The interior front badge of the vehicle increases the beauty of the vehicle.

Other worth mentioning characteristics of the vehicle are AppleCarPlay connectivity, navigation system along with Bluetooth, and bucket seat interior. If you take a look at the exterior part, you will come across different features, such as heated mirrors, 190inches alloy wheels, wind deflector, custom spoiler, fog lights, power convertible top, to name a few.


Engine and gearbox

The alphabet T in the Ferrari California T convertible signifies the presence of the 3.9 litres twin-turbocharged V8 that matches the dual-clutch gearbox.


Though the California model happens to be the entry-level Ferrari, performance happens to be exceedingly faster. This vehicle comes with a speed of about 2mph in 3.6 seconds.


The vehicle’s folding metal roof is known to demand a tall rear deck. Hence, the car seems to look a bit awkward from the rear part. On the other hand, the vehicle facilitates a better-looking proposition than in the past.

Tech and interior

This vehicle has a similar basic architecture to the past models. The car’s interior part happens to be lusciously finished. However, it does not have the wow factor like the expensive cars.

Handling and ride

This car showcases a clear bias being the GT. This vehicle seems to be more capable owing to which people prefer to ride this car during the vacation.

Comfortable cabins

This model has a unique cabin which makes it set apart from the other models, available in the market. Its handcrafted interior happens to be the combination of the classic approach and the modern features. The multifunction steering happens to be another worth mentioning trait of this car. It happens to be one of a kind wheel that includes proper shift lights. The cabin does not have any indicator stalks. Instead, two different buttons are located on either side of the cabin steering. Again, you will find a singular button along with a two-way operation for the specific wiper. This model will work in a brilliant manner. The models large and fixed paddle shifters add to the comfort of the vehicle.

Another button is present which will convert the hardtop coupe within the cabriolet. The transformation will take the duration of 14 seconds only. As you try to drive the car with the roof open, it is going to offer a real motoring experience. Hence, you will feel exposed to the elements.

This model is recognized to be one of the leading Ferrari convertibles which come with its roof down. It stands out of the ordinary in providing a better sound experience, thereby adding extra character. The model’s V8 growl will have a louder sound. The quad exhaust will sound similar to a thunderstorm. So, you will be capable of enjoying your driving while keeping the roof open for a longer time.

Split Personality

The best thing about this model is that it is easy to drive this car. It comes with different features, such as outstanding seats, a smoother gearbox, a tractable engine, and a supple suspension. Though the model’s rears are ideal for flexible and small children, it boasts four seats. However, you might not be using all of them, as the wind deflector will be above them.

Hence, the seats will be insulating the cabin in a proper manner. Without them, there are risks that it might be blowy within the cockpit, while the roof is down. Hence, you do not require travelling excessively faster. The v8 turbocharged engine’s bangs pop, and whooshes will combine with the lightning-fast gear changes and the amazingly configured chassis.

An ideal choice for the weekend

This vehicle has a combination of a 78-litre fuel tank and a 2.9mpg fuel economy figure. It includes the full super unleaded load which is going to deliver 461 miles. You can drive 30 miles with every tank daily with this model. The boot of the vehicle is not that huge. But, it has enough storage to accommodate the luggage for the entire weekend. The model’s rear seats will fold down, which extends the capabilities of the boot. The roof will need a duration of 14 seconds for the operation.

Seriously Fast

The model has a speed of 0-124mph in about 11.2 seconds whereas it will be covering in the duration of 3.6 seconds. The model’s top speed is about 196 mph. Such kind of speed happens to be quite exciting. As it is turbocharged, this model offers benefits with regard to fuel consumption. This model happens to be more efficient, compared to the non-turbo engines.

Why do users like it?

Outstanding acceleration

A faster folding metal rooftop

Sporty feel

Excellent fuel efficiency

Impressive interiors

Easy to drive

More comfortable

Why users might not like it

The vehicle needs to be stopped for raising the convertible top

The updated infotainment system is not the fastest

Tiny rear seat

This model happens to be the most practical model of Ferrari, available in the market. It happens to be the all-rounder which can drive even on harsh roads easily. This model includes power similar to the majority of sports cars. People love this car because it features comfortable seats, a cabriolet, and an ample amount of storage space. Besides this, it comes with a decent-sized boot. This vehicle is the representation in either of the complete packages.

With a huge number of exclusive features, this model happens to be a beautiful machine that grabs the attention of travel enthusiasts for all good reasons.