Luxury Exotic Car Rentals in Tucson, Arizona – Rent a Porsche for a day, Lamborghini, Aston Martin

Hire a Luxury and Exotic car for rent at Tucson 

Tucson, Arizona has so many lovely places to visit…. you can figure out. Exhibits are so good real; you find yourself eye-balling mountain lions, prairie dogs and Gila monsters…and reaching for your rifle. 

You need a great car to haul you and your kin around, you do. So, mind if I jump right in and give you some tips…well, a lot actually?  

Ferrari has four stunning models, the latest 2012’ers…mind you.  They are the fantastic four, I think. The 458 Italia, the 599, FF, California and here’s to throwing in the 599 GTO, SA Aperta and the 458 Spider for good measure! Well! Before I forget, while you are there, get a fabulous view of the night sky at the high 9157 feet of Mt. Lemmon. SkyCenter is a science learning facility and observing site. The Saguaro National Park is named after its most visible and popular resident, the giant Saguaro Cactus. 

Porshe makes available for you the Cayenne, Turbo, Panamera, 911, BoxsterTarga and Cayman, models. Ah, Lamborghini don’t I just love your stylish, advanced, and extravagant models? The Murciélago is an out-of-the world two-door, two-seat sports car, but it’s about to be upgraded…more about that later.  

The joy of driving it is its main purpose in being built. The Mulsanne is a beauty…a Bentley packed with power. Design…a unique fusion of sportiness, coach-built elegance and solidity. The vehicle possesses a matrix grille and round inner headlamps with chrome surrounds. The car’s elegant form comes from a seamless flush fit. Racing is also in the blood! The long bonnet, short front overhang and longer rear overhang gives one a sense of dynamism and movement. The interior is unlike any other car in the world.  

Mood lighting and the sophistication and glam, the mix, meet you with knurled stainless steel and smooth wood veneers. The Mulsanne has a 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds and a top speed of 184 mph. The ultra-luxury saloon is a high level performer. You can control a range of integrated applications. These include navigation, the audio system, iPod or other media connection, plus telephone and car functions – such as the rear view camera and tyre pressure monitoring. The latest 3D satellite navigation ensures you are never lost, with full voice-controlled postcode entry available. Even rear seat passengers can navigate. The audio system comes with 14 speakers powered through 6 channels and digital sound processing. What a fabulous car, huh?  

Aston Martin has the models, DB, VirageRapide and Vantage, to its great name. They are all stunning to look at, let me ensure you. German manufacturer Daimler AG owns the Mercedes-Benz brand. Mercedes-Benz, the German outcome is all ahead to rent for your business and format meets. Mercedes has its equal-to-none E-class world class vehicles…no need for me to expound.  

Audi’s models boggle the mind beloved. Audi AG is another German manufacturer, building mini-cars to SUV’s. It is the premium brand of the Volkswagen Group. Land Rover is Range Rover’s boss…British boss, I might add. Range Rover, the large SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle…in case the acronym escaped you. Take a look at the Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover Evoque as one of your choices. 

Ah, there you are. Armed with the latest news about sight-seeing and cars, you’re all set for your Tucson Arizona adventure! And oh, regarding the cars? I only just got started. Did I fill you in about Ford, Nissan, Chevrolet, Renault, Dodge, Subaru, Gm, Chrysler, Hyundai, Honda, Toyota and others? No? What a shame…catch me when you get back!