Rent a Ferrari for a day, Lamborghini, Aston Martin – Luxury Exotic Car Rentals in San Diego, California

Luxury and Exotic cars for rent in San Diego
A vacation at “America’s finest city” is a decision well made. San Diego is the eighth largest city
in the country and is popular for its beautiful weather and clear beaches. And when it comes to
hiring cars get the best deals in the city and make your trip worth every penny.
Almost all the cars are fitted with GPS that help you know the shortest routes and get to places in
time. Choose an Audi R8, that vrooms with 430 Horsepower, an exquisite two-seater pick for a
lovely ride along the beach or get an Aston-martin cynet for yourself or even the Aston-martin
Virage if you would want a car with trendier design and sporty engine. Choosing a luxury cacr
in San Diego is never complete and memorable without a Porsche Panamera S, as the
acceleration and dual-speed automation beats your thrill of riding any other car. With
Lamborghini LP570-4 you could literally fly through the 70 mile stretch of beaches. And not to
mention, the powerful Audi R8 Quattro, best built for the racer genes. The 5.2L engine will
generate a thrust that gives you a hair-rising driving experience. You get to see San Diego and
also experience the thrill of Audi R8 which you wouldn’t forget in a lifetime. Would love to kick
in the thrill with friends, choose the BMW 7401 with a 335 Horsepower and a 5-seater capacity.
If you have friends accompanying you, the best choice would be an SUV as it gives great
comfort and legroom for everyone. A Cadillac Escalade ESV with a 7-seater capacity gives you
the joy of travelling together. There are many other choices that bring out the real driver
enthusiast in you. Get a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 or a Chevrolet Suburban with a 9-seater
capacity for a complete family fun!
If you are on a business trip you would need a chauffeur driven car and you have numerous
choices for the best chauffeur driven cars. There are these choices of the luxurious Bentley and
Mercedes chauffeur driven cars. The Bentley Continental GT-S gives you sheer power and the
class, to attend business meets, deals, and more. Or, for the Mercedes lovers, the best choice of
business class gives a wide range of choices including E-class and C-class. Bentley has
ascertained that Mulsanne rear passengers enjoy individual Apple iPad workstations with
Internet access. The Mulsanne entertainment also boasts of a Roof console with 15.6 inch
dropdown LED screen that plays HD videos with inputs from either of the two-DVD changer
and Mac Mini. Though not so futuristic as Bentley the Mercedes-Benz E-Class offers active
multi-contour seats with massage function. With a 7-speed automatic transmission the driving is
just a pleasure unmatched and with the night-vision system. And the c-class offers a smooth ride
with multi-link suspensions in the rear. However the best feature in C-class is said to be the
optional COMAND system that allows you to control entertainment and comfortability aspects.
All these for sure give you a ride of a lifetime. The BMW 7 series, could be another choice as it
offers comfort, superior design and innumerable customizations that makes it one of the best in
the luxury model cars.
Couples and kids have the choice of several fun destinations like Old Town San Diego, Balboa
Park and Seaport Village San Diego for great shopping, sightseeing and educational
opportunities. For couples who love driving small cars, they get to choose from several sexy
little hatchbacks like the renowned BMW 7 series which gives you sheer power and compact
feeling or the luxurious Audi A3 make your private drive a joy ride.
With endless spas and resorts you would want to make a stop at some of the exotic locations and
get a snap of yours. Get the photogenic Lambhorghini Aventador or a Lambhorgini Huracan
that will make your picture look even more exotic. A Maserati Ghibli or a Maserato Gran
Turismo Sport offer luxury coupled with a better seating capacity.
Look no further, and drive in style for the most esteemed automobiles are at your disposal during
your visit to San Diego. Make the most of it while you are here with numerous car-rental
services ready to deliver you cars of your choice to make your experience a fun-filled one.