Luxury Exotic Car Rentals in Pittsburg, California – Rent a Ferrari for a day, Lamborghini, Aston Martin

Luxury and exotic cars for rent in Pittsburgh 

Pittsburgh is a great place and places around are wonderful tourist destination. So if you are either businessman or just a fun loving tourist you would definitely rent a car. Enjoy a thrilling experience that lingers on after your travel, for the exotic car collection is huge and you will be blown away with the range and confused to choose from. Pick three, choose one and drive away with no regrets! Standard cars include an Audi Q3 or an Infinity QX30 and are best suited for a single driver for a max of two. 

If you are on the adrenaline thrill seeking rush, a sports car such as Aston Martin DB11, Audi R8, Lambhorghini Huracan, Benteley Continental GT or a Maserati of the convertible is best. Else, you could also choose an elegant Porsche that features a distinctive and sporty design with their signature convex and concave curved body. Porsche Cayman is one such entity which is visibly athletic and sophisticatedly styled. Porsche Cayenne is an SUV product that combines style and ergonomics. Porsche technology is one to reckon with. Cayenne features a 4.8 inch display that briefs you about all the info you need including adaptive cruise control, tire pressure, navigation module and every other data from the onboard computer. Porsche Boxter is yet another supercar that is a combination of Aerodynamics and aesthetics. The rear wing it deploys automatically to reduce lift explains why Porsche is more than just a style statement. For Bentley fans the specs of Bentley continental GT v8 wouldn’t be surprising. But with a massive 660 NM of torque at 1700rpm the Continental GT V8 reaches from 0-60 in just 4.6s. The 8-speed transmission system enables smoother gear changes and delivers a top speed of 188mph with ease. The navigation system is enthralling and provides zooming facilities at touch of a finger. For people who love open air driving the Continental GTC V8 convertible delivers the feel of both open tourer and coupé. 

Also the BMW 330d convertible is Solid and functional and brilliantly put together. The folding roof is an example of BMW’s engineering brilliance. Aston martin v12 vantage is a visually enticing and breathtakingly powerful car and is termed the most exhilarating sports car in Aston Martin series. For couples, the two seater Aston Martin DBS Coupe will be ideal as it has a Full-grain leather interior and a 1000 W Bang & Olufsen BeoSound audio system. Aston Martin one-77 is yet another two-door coupe that boasts of Hand-crafted aluminum body panels. All the super cars are tempting but nothing compares as such to the muscular, dynamic and ‘compact’ looking Porsche Panamera. With all the popular Mercedes Benz and BMW and the Tesla sitting in the garage, few still have a strong liking towards driving a Porsche Panamera is a brand that you can’t avoid. The Audi A7 is an outstanding luxury sport sedan that outdrives its contemporary models driven by a supercharged, direct-injection motor and equipped with a highly responsive steering. Audi has a collection of several cars that have all aspects of a typical Audi automobile like performance, handling, technological innovation and luxury. 

The new A7 is one such beast that is strikingly beautiful and also incorporates GPS navigation that renders Google Earth images in 2D or 3D bird’s eye view and also gives you options of telephone, radio and HVAC controls. Whenever you drive an Audi it definitely turns heads. For families with kids, who need an elite option, a full sized sedan such as Volvo S60, BMW328i, Jaguar XE, and BMW430i is a sensible choice. With an imposing structure the BMW is amazing to drive. The BMW430i is also good enough for large numbers with enough luggage space. SUVs can’t get any better. The other SUV entities include the Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 and the Land Rover Evoque which two different engineering pieces. The Mercedes is a luxury in-town ride while Land Rover is a tough off-roader. The typical Mercedes technicality includes lane assist, attention assist, radar-based active cruise control and blind-spot monitoring. The Land Rover Range Rover HSE itself is a big and rugged machine and adds to the choice of a capable SUV. Not to forget that the Range Rover Evoque and Cadillac Escalade ESV also gives great comfort and legroom for everyone and provides a great travel experience. The view of downtown from top of Mt. Washington is stunning and you wouldn’t want to miss it for any reason. The last thing you need to bother is hiring a luxury car and that worry ends at the numerous car rental services in Pittsburgh downtown. Drive away in your favorite ride and fulfill your dream trip at Pittsburgh in style.