Rent Bentley Continental GT in Houston, Texas

Exotic Car Bentley Continental GT Rental in Houston, TX

Choosing the perfect luxury car plays an integral role in planning a perfect trip around Houston, Texas. This lively city has a friendly vibe which makes people hire luxury vehicles to enjoy its scenic beauty, Hobby, wedding or 3 hours drive around Houston.

Bentley Continental GT is one of the best in class cars in this regard as it plays an integral role in making the journey more exciting than ever. It comes with a truly grand cabin that pampers the riders with excellent metal trims, outstanding wood, the latest technology, and a plethora of amenities. Besides this, it has sufficient cargo space for travellers, who want to carry a lot of luggage. It happens to be the high-performance Speed variant. This vehicle happens to be the perfect combination of well-balanced chassis and power athleticism which allows it to run on twisty canyon roads. Hence, you can enjoy a smoother ride as you choose this vehicle. Its curb appeal makes it the number one choice of travel enthusiasts in and around Houston, TX.


6.0L twin-turbocharged W12

208 mph speed

4 seater

8-speed dual-clutch

About the Vehicle

This vehicle happens to be the velvet hammer along with Famous-quality, rich cabin lifestyle along with a muscular engine. Its speed is known to dial the power and handline, coupe’s styling.

This model is equipped with a few visual changes which offer more spice to the vehicle. This vehicle comes with a lower air intake, dark-finish grille, Speed badging, 22-inch wheels, shapely side sills, to name a few.

Its lavish interior comes with a two-tone colour scheme along with a diamond-quilted seat standard. The piano black veneer trim is present in the speed. You will find dark-tinted and newly turned aluminium inlays for the specific centre console, which will make it look snazzy. This model provides the optimum choice to choose from 8 different interior liner hues and 7 different exterior roof colours.


The performance happens to be an integral part of the vehicle. It comes with the 6.0L twin-turbocharged W12 engine which offers 650HP power whereas, in the standard GT W12, it provides 626 HP power. The torque will hold 664 b-ft. You can avail of it in the range between 1,500-5,000 rpm. The four wheel’s routing power happens to be the 8-speed clutch transmission which provides 5,029 kb coupe to about  60mph in the duration of  3.5seconds. The top speed of this vehicle is about 208 mph.


This vehicle has become the number one choice of travellers owing to the first-class interior. The surface boasts of beautiful look and feel. Speaking of the technology, the vehicle will be lifting the Porsche Communication Management software from the sister company, thereby adding the colours and fonts on its own. This kind of software provides navigation along with WiFi hotspot, Google Street View imagery, Apple CarPlay, satellite radio, to name a few.


This model is meant to carry passengers across the city in a relaxed way. It is comfortable, faster, and fun to drive. People love driving the vehicle as it provides a luxurious feel. The interior part comes with chrome knobs and buttons which provide an expensive lookout. It is possible to swap the 12.3inches infotainment display for the old-school dials. At times, it might be hidden behind the wood’s larger slab with the single touch of the buttons, if you want to get the traditional feel.

The model’s interior happens to be spacious. Upon the front, you will find plenty of space to accommodate people with more height. Hence, it is possible for two adults to sit for the shorter journeys in the backward direction. The boot will be suitably large to accommodate bigger suitcases.

This car comes with a well-contained body lean and sharp steering owing to which it becomes easy to drive the vehicle on first-class roads faster. This vehicle provides more comfort which is known to cruise on the motorway.

The powerful brakes and the four-wheel grippy drive systems happen to be the features of the vehicle. The automatic standard emergency braking technology of the vehicle is going to save at reduced speeds. The 8-speed automatic gearbox provides rest to the left leg in the stop-start traffic.


The sharper handling chops of the model offer an impressive feeling. It offers extra dynamic engagement. The model’s throttle is not that jumpy. The dual-clutch transmission of the vehicle boasts buttery smooth operation. The response manual mode happens to be another worth mentioning feature of this vehicle. Its auto mode is known to tune in the Comfort and Sport settings which allow the transmission to execute the work the majority of the time.

This vehicle provides supreme ride quality since the air suspension will remove the effects from the specific broken tarmac. The strong brakes are not found to have an extremely aggressive initial bite. Hence, it provides smoother stopping force application. The model’s steering is lightly and with direct weight, it offers comfortable driving for a prolonged period.

You can select from three different driving modes which are Bentley, Sport, and Comfort. The Bentley model offers a helping hand in sharping the responses of the engine. In addition, it helps to keep the suspension compliant and soft, which is beneficial in soaking the patchy road surfaces and bumps. The presence of powerful brakes and a 4-wheel driving system offers an intimidating drive.

Other features

This luxury sportscar comes with a bunch of standard features, which are parking sensors, remote keyless entry, automatic climate control, power trunk lid, soft-close doors, rearview camera, parking sensors, to name a few. Besides this, you will find LED Matrix adaptive headlights, power-adjustable heated front seats, and rain-sensing wipers. Other options are inclusive of the wireless charging, heated steering wheel, massaging and ventilated front seats, adaptive cruise control along with the traffic sign recognition, panoramic glass roof, head-up display, hands-free trunk, heated windshield, surround-view camera, night vision camera, lane keep assist, pedestrian detection to name a few.

Why do users like it?

Ultra-luxurious interior

Excellent body

Chassis deftly walk

More fun to drive